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When you’re looking for a janitorial service that focuses on quality, individualized care, choose K & P Janitorial Services. We are green certified and put a large focus on quality control, because your total satisfaction is our number one goal.

Green Certified

Studies show that a greener office environment reduces the instances of Building Related Illness (BRI), improves the health of your employees, and increases productivity by reducing the number of sick days taken due to illness. At our company, our green certification is LEED respected and focuses on improving the indoor air quality of your workplace by removing dirt, dust, and allergens rather than just moving them around.

The use of environmentally safe cleaning solutions, HEPA filter-equipped vacuums, microfiber cleaning materials, and top-down cleaning procedures are just a few steps we take to dramatically reduce the irritant levels that contribute to “Sick Building Syndrome.” This results in cleaner, healthier air and a more productive workplace. If you’d like more information about the benefits of going green, we’ll gladly speak with you.

Quality Control

Our proprietary system of checks and balances (facility assignment areas, schedules, and communication logs) means that every employee, supervisor, and administrator on your account is able to determine whether every task at your facility is being completed properly and on time. We offer inspections on a daily basis, and immediately take corrective action whenever a deficiency is identified.

Direct and constant lines of communication between owner Kelly Lynch and all account supervisors ensures that every member of our staff maintains the highest level of performance. It is through this commitment to superior quality and personalized service that we have established ourselves as the premier janitorial service in Southern California.

Employee Training

Phase 1: Employee Orientation
Employees are supplied with an employee handbook and are familiarized with all information contained therein.

Phase 2: Training Programs
This phase of the training is to familiarize the employee with product usage, cleaning techniques, and the care and use of equipment. Performance is closely monitored and evaluated by a supervisor. Advancement to the next phase is determined on the speed in which the employee adapts to the assigned responsibilities.

Phase 3: Temporary Assignment
Every new employee who has successfully completed the initial training program is then placed on our personnel "back up board." These employees fill in for absenteeism and vacations while further evaluations are performed. Performance and attitude will determine whether the employee advances and is placed at a permanent location.

Phase 4: Permanent Assignment
Upon satisfactory completion of an initial training assignment, each new employee is placed in a permanent job assignment. Care is taken to familiarize each employee with the routines and specific requirements of the account.

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